A New Priest for Birmingham, UK - December 13th [Dec. 26], 2010

On the Feast of the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers of our Lord and God Jesus Christ, in the sacred temple of Saints Constantine and Helen in Birmingham, UK, an ordination/hieortonia was performed on Hierodeacon Sozómenos elevating him to the dignity of Hieromonk. The ordination was performed by the Metropolitan of Kition Parthenios. Fr. Sozómenos is replacing Fr. Sotirios who has been granted many years of priestly service in the Church, but due to age is becoming too weak to serve Also attending the sacred and solemn service was the Metropolitan of Vrancea Gerontios and also Priest Michael and Deacon Haralampos from Cyprus.

May God grant many years of pastoral service to our new Hieromonk Father Sozómenos!

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