Baptisms in Kenya January 10th (23rd n.s.), 2011

    In Nairobi, Kenya, at the Church of the Holy Angels, 23 souls and bodies were Baptized and Illumined on January 10th, 2011. On the day when the faithful were celebrating the Sunday After Theophany, (the Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Jordan, by the hand of His servant John the Forerunner), Metropolitan Matthew of Kenya was baptizing 23 people, bringing new souls into Christ's Holy Church. Sevesmiótete Matthew was assisted by Priest Photios and Hierodeacon Seraphim.
    May these who have been illumined and put on Christ our God in the baptismal font, ever humble themselves that Christ may ever keep them warriors invincible in every attack of those who assail them; and make them all victors, even unto the end, granting them a crown incorruptible.+

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