New Bishop Parthenios Metropolitan of Kition and Cyprus

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On the Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the Seven Ecumenical Councils, the 14th of July (27th ns), in the Church of St. Xenia in the city of Limassol, Cyprus, Father Parthenios of Romania was consecrated bishop and metropolitan of Kition and Cyprus by Metropolitan Kirykos of Mesogaias and Lavreotikis with the full participation of his long time friend Bishop Gerontios of Vrancea (Romania) and Bishop Matthew of Kenya.

Bishop Parthenios was chosen by the Autocephalos Genuine Orthodox Church of Cyprus which then petitioned the nearest G.O.C. bishop to perform the consecration for them.

AXIOS! and Chronia Polla! to the new Metropolitan of Kition and Cyprus Sevesmiótete Parthenios.


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