Synodal Meeting at Saint Catherine's 2009

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Synod of the Genuine Orthodox Church
The Holy Synod of the Genuine Orthodox Church met and celebrated the feast of the Holy Great-Martyr Catherine in the holy temple of the Episcopal Cathedral of Metropolitan Kirykos of Mesogaias and Lavreotikis. In attendance were the Metropolitans Kirykos, Gerontios of Vrancea (Romania), Matthew of Nairobi (Kenya), Seraphim of Kiev (Ukraine), Parthenios of Kition (Cyprus), (Due to health Metropolitan Kassian of Moldavia, Romania was not able to attend.) They were also joined in celebrating the hierarchal Divine Liturgy by the priests Fr. Thomas (Greece), Fr. Amphilochios (Greece), Fr. Michael (Cyprus), Fr. Nicholas (Romania), Fr. Pantaleimon (Croatia) and Fr. Pedro (Brazil-Greece). In attendance were also faithful monks, nuns and lay people of the Genuine Orthodox Church from Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Australia and North America.

Thanks to Father Andrei Sidnev for the Photos on his LiveJournal Page.
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Sermon of Met. Kirykos

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Address by Professor Goutsides

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