First Services in the New Chapel

After nearly 14 months of Divine services in a large tent, the community of the Holy Apostle Thomas and St. Matthew the New Confessor, have finally met in their newly renovated chapel. On the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee, after a short blessing of the chapel, Orthros and Divine Liturgy were served by the Priest Mark Smith and most of the parishioners. Everyone was quite appreciative of the effort put forth by the Chaldeos and Kouris families to provide an appropriate atmosphere for prayer and the glorification of the Holy Trinity, as well as the added warmth of being inside on these winter days.

Just as Fr. Mark's first sermon in the tent more than 13 months ago, on the Nativity of Christ, was on the humble beginning of our Lord's earthly life in the cave in Bethlehem, so also today he spoke of the humility of the Publican and of our need not to take pride in our accomplishments, but to glorify and give thanks to God for all things.

Giving thanks to Almighty God for the beautiful and peaceful day, we also offer prayers and thanksgivings once again for all our benefactors who have helped this church community take its first prayerful steps towards becoming a functioning parish and a united family of Orthodox Christians.

†Through the prayers of the Holy Apostle Thomas and Saint Matthew the New Confessor, Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, look down and bless and save Thy servants. Amen.†