From the Holy Fathers

Regarding the World
and our Relationship to it


The Age to Come
and our Preparation for it


Wisdom, Let us Attend!

On Education


Soul and Body


Virtues and Vices

Ascetic Life


Warfare and Prayer


Departing this Life

Five From St. Maximos the Confessor


Baptism and Salvation



Future Harvest of Men


Regarding Moral Philosophy



Guarding All the Senses in General


St. Gregory Palamas
Homily 33


Properties of the Divine Nature

Concerning the Mind


Life of Saint Anthony the Great

The Life of Saint John of the Ladder
Audio File


The Life of Saint Maria of Egypt


Concerning the fact that evil is easy ...


One Hundred Texts On Love - Saint Maximos the Confessor

No One Can Harm the Man Who Does Not Injure Himself


Homily on the Holy Pre-Eminent Apostles Peter and Paul


Upon the not publishing the errors of the Brethren, nor uttering imprecations upon enemies.