Metropolitan Kyrikos visits Canada

    On the 14th of July, 2006 Metropolitan Kyrikos left Athens and arrived in Vancouver BC for a missionary visit. At the airport, Constantine Kouris, Evripede Pardalis and Christos Chaldeos, members of the True Orthodox Community of Vancouver, came to welcome him.
    On Sunday morning (16. 7. 2006) Sevesmiótete dedicated the foundation of a Chapel in honour of the Holy Apostle Thomas. This Chapel will
be built in the backyard of the home of Maria Chaldeos, in memory of her late husband Thomas Chaldeos. Following, His Eminence performed the Divine Liturgy. He expressed the importance of the existence of the True Orthodox Church in Vancouver. He emphasized, «It is better to have a few
true Orthodox Christians rather than have many in apostasy and ecumenism."
    That Sunday afternoon he baptized the daughter of Constantine and Olga Kouris, who was named Maria, and also the son of Anastasios and Laskarina Ferguson, who was named Lucas. After he gave his blessing of many years to them, he emphasized the importance of the ONE TRUE BAPTISM, which is stated in the Confession of Faith. He states, «That ONLY the ONE TRUE BAPTISM can have Holy Grace and is the ONLY
path to salvation. The baptism performed by the ecumenist heretics and those who exist outside of the Holy Church is without Holy Grace and without hope of salvation."
    His Eminence concluded by expressing his joy for the growth and advancement of the mission and wishes that the spark that ignited with the true confession of the late Thomas Chaldeos and his brother in God Evripede Pardalis will grow into a powerful flame that will char the thorns of both the New and Old Calendar Ecumenism.
He also conversed with various people who wished to learn about the sacred struggle of True Orthodoxy.