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What is Ecumenism?

Ecumenism refers to the syncretistic movement seeking intercommunion between all Christian denominations, despite doctrinal differences. Under the false pretenses of "love" and "peace," the Ecumenists even promote the union of Christianity with non-Christian religions. As a gesture of "love" the Ecumenists have forsaken the truth of Christ, forgetting that love without truth is false love. The fundamental belief of Ecumenism is that the whole truth does not exist in any single denomination or religion, but that all sects and cults contain a portion of the truth, and that the whole truth can only be found when all denominations, cults, sects and even religions unite. Since external unity cannot be achieved due to the sense of power each religion desires to retain, the Ecumenists have sought to form a union of all religions through compromising matters of the faith. Thereby all religions may keep their individual doctrines and traditions, but all should unite under the banner of a common belief in a divine power, whether this be God, Buddha or the numerous deities of Hinduism and other pagan faiths.

How Does the New Calendarist Relate to Ecumenism?

The New Calendar was introduced into the Orthodox Church not for the sake of astronomical correctness, but as the first step in achieving a forced, false union of the Orthodox Church with non-Orthodox New Calendarist Christian bodies [i.e., Roman Catholic, Protestant, etc.], for the sake of certain secular advantages which such a union was expected to have. This was to be the beginning of the Orthodox Church’s participation in the 'Ecumenical Movement'


I Go to Church for God, Not for the Priest or Bishop - The Famous Excuse of Many 'world orthodox'.

World orthodox will say of what concern is it if the patriarchate or bishop is a heretic, and the priest commemorates him. The patriarchate / bishop is not our leader, Jesus Christ is. We know what is in our hearts, what our faith is. We are Orthodox . Let the patriarch / bishop declare whatever heresy he wishes. Let the priests commemorate whoever they want. They will answer for their souls and us for ours. Besides we are sheep and it is not our place to speak out, this is the concern of the shepherds.


Jesus our Saviour, the Christ, said no one can come unto the Father except through the Son. Similarly, no one can approach the Son except through Church. A Christian cannot exist as an individual, but only as a member of the body of Christ, the Church. And the Church is there only when the truth is confessed. When Ecumenism, that is error is confessed, there is neither Christ or Church. And do not think this is the case only when Ecumenism is preached from the Altar. In Church we confess our faith through the name of the bishop we commemorate. True Orthodox commemorate True Orthodox Bishops, Arians commemorate Arian bishops, Monophysites commemorate Monophysite bishops, Iconoclasts commemorate Iconoclast bishops, Uniates commemorate Uniate bishops and Ecumenists commemorate Ecumenist bishops. It is possible for everything to appear Orthodox in a church, however the bishop that the priest commemorates will reveal to us where we truly are. Ask yourself who does your priest commemorate? Bishop Sotirios, and in turn who does he commemorate? Ecumenical Patriarchate Bartholomew, and who does he commemorate? Pope John Paul!!! So why go to a “Orthodox” church when you can go to a Roman Catholic Church what’s the difference they both commemorate the Pope. The tragedy is that Orthodox Christians have been united to the Vatican without being aware that it has taken place. All of which places everyone that follows the new calendar and ecumenism under Anathema !!



The Declaration Against Ecumenism

Synod of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece

To the heretical ecumenistic encyclical of 1920, this statutory charter of the schismato-heresy of new calendarism and ecumenism, together with those who wrote it, and those who accept it, and those who proceed according to its commands: Anathema!

To the Masonic and ecumenistic Congress of Constantinople of 1923, whereby the introduction of the accursed innovation of the new Papal Calendar into Orthodoxy was decided for the common concelebration of the feasts with the heretics, marking her commencement in the heresy of ecumenism or the so-called Pan-Christian unity: Anathema!

To the resolution of the fifth hierarchy, whereby Chrysostom Papadopoulos decided upon the introduction of new calendarism, as the first step of enforcing the obscure schemes of Freemasonry and ecumenism: Anathema!

To the resolution in March of 1924, of the outrageous fighter against Orthodoxy, Chrysostom Papadopoulos, whereby he forcefully imposed the innovation and schismato-heresy of new calendarism and ecumenism: Anathema!

To those who outrageously fought against Orthodoxy: Meletius Metaxakis, Chrysostom Papadopoulos, Basil II, Athenagoras, and all who are of like mind as them, who likewise intentionally served, and continue to serve, the God-hated work of ecumenism until this very day: Anathema!

X Archbishop Andreas of Athens and all Greece (President)
X Metropolitan Epiphanios of Kitiou and all Cyprus
X Metropolitan Efmenios of Heraklion and all Crete
X Metropolitan Gregorios of Messenia
X Metropolitan Matthew of Attica and Megara
X Metropolitan Nicholas of Piraeus and Islands
X Bishop Lazaros of Bresthena
X Bishop Theodosios of Phthiotidos
X Bishop Pachomios of Argolis
X Bishop Titos of Servion and Kozani
X Archimandrite Chrysostom (Metropoulos) (Head Secretary)
X Hieromonk Kirykos (Kontogiannis) (on behalf of the priests)
X Monk Theodulus (Demetropoulos) (on behalf of the monks)
X Professor Eleutherius Goutzides (on behalf of the laymen)