St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church

Under the Omophorion of

Metropolitan Kirykos of Mesogias and Lavreotikis

Parish served by Priest Mark Smith


    Our parish follows the Julian (Old) Calendar as does the entire Genuine Orthodox Church. Our services are performed primarily in English. The Genuine Orthodox Church has members across Greece, Cyprus, Canada, the United States of America, Australia and the Catacomb Church in Russia. We humbly submit ourselves under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, inspirer of the Ecumenical Councils and Canon Law, teachings of the Holy Scriptures, Holy Fathers, and the Traditions, written and unwritten, of the One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church…The Orthodox Church.

    The Genuine Orthodox Church preserves and honours the Orthodox Faith by not communing with other churches that are involved in ecumenism, freemasonry, Sergianism, new calendarism, are in schism or preach heresy or any church that communes with them. The Genuine Orthodox Church does not participate in ANY ecumenist organizations such as the World Council of Churches. Unfortunately “world” Orthodoxy such as the Ecumenical Patriarch, Church of Greece, Moscow Patriarch, Serbian Patriarch, etc., have all become involved in the pan heresy of ecumenism. The activities involved in the participation of ecumenism include: prayer and ceremonial services with heretics and schismatics, Muslims, Jews, female priestesses, Buddhists, and all the world’s religions. A prerequisite of joining the World Council of Churches is that the potential member church agrees to “the presence and activity of Christ and the Holy Spirit outside its own boundaries.” and also “recognizes in the other member churches of the WCC elements of the true church”.

    The other unfortunate thing is that certain “Traditionalist” Synods, that in the past have upheld an Orthodox Confession of Faith, have now fallen into heresy by communion with world orthodoxy, communion with ecumenists, Sergianism, and subscribing to the heresy of Kyprianism (aka Florinism), amongst many other betrayals of the Orthodox Faith.

    Orthodox Christians in Vancouver, until now, have not had an alternative to this pseudo-Orthodoxy. But, they knew inside that something was wrong, they felt it, they saw their bishops, priests, and fellow laymen, participating in, preaching, and condoning various heretical views and actions and in doing so, they fell under the numerous ANATHEMAS related to these heresies. Genuine Orthodox Christians saw and still today see these things and understand how far from TRUE ORTHODOXY their churches, synods, and clergy had fallen.

    Now, the community of Saint Thomas the Apostle of The Genuine Orthodox Church, under the Omophorion of Metropolitan Kirykos and served by Father Mark Smith, has been established in Vancouver and gives genuine Orthodox the opportunity to attend a Genuine Orthodox Church.